We are a reputed training centre

We are a small, friendly and dynamic training centre, running courses to suit individual needs. We offer various web designing and development courses and SEO trainings.

Trainers in Mentor Mindz are known in the industry for their experience and expertise.


Unparalleled Experience


Unhindered Progress

Your learning would happen in a live environment where you’d work on live projects (under supervision).


Current and up-to-date

We are constantly updating our course content and developing new programs to reflect the latest industry developments and techniques.


All-inclusive pricing

We believe in value for money and transparent pricing - there are no additional costs to you have to pay. See our training promotions for more ways to stretch your budget.


Tailored and customized options

We offer tailored training to a team of people at your organisation, or develop a bespoke learning programme to meet a particular corporate brief, strategy or organisational need.


Personalised Attention

At Mentor Mindz, every student/trainee is given personalised learning.In this, all our trainees work under a mentor for a rich supervision.


State-of-the-Art Technologies

At Mentor Mindz,we keep our technologies updated. Our systems are at par with the current trends in the markets all over the world.So when you learn with Mentor Mindz, you learn with the best.

9100% Job Placement

After the training is over, Mentor Mindz Solutions assists all its trainees to get jobs in various MNCs and industry leaders. In most cases, we absorb the trainees within Mentor Mindz, which therefore means that everyone is placed with a job as soon as the training period is over.



99% of our trainees would recommend Mentor Mindz training to others and all programmes regularly score 9/10 across the key metrics. But don't just take our word for it, speak to our trainees from the past and see what they have to say about us.